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Nokomis Advanced Detection of Electronic Counterfeits

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Advanced Detection of Electronic Counterfeits (ADEC) 

Real-time electronic device counterfeit detection at your fingertips! The non-invasive ADEC system detects counterfeit electronics within seconds.


Hiawatha I

Hiawatha I is an ultra-sensitive RF and microwave collection system. Hiawatha I provides state-of-the-art passive detection and identification of electronic targets with unrivaled sensitivity and throughput. Nokomis and our customers employ variants of the Hiawatha sensor for numerous applications that require the detection, identification, geolocation or diagnostics of electronic components, circuit boards, and electronic systems.

Hiawatha II

Hiawatha II provides robust electronics detection, identification and geolocation capabilities in an extremely flexible operational package designed specifically for Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) constrained applications. The Hiawatha II system has also been configured and demonstrated to provide utility for RF survey and data logging missions.

The Airborne Hiawatha II has been tested in multiple flight tests with positive results. The hardware package has been successfully integrated, along with Nokomis Conformal Antenna Technology, onboard the Silver Fox and Schiebel Camcopter Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

ADEC detects counterfeit and maliciously modified electronic components through automated analysis of unintended emissions from electronic parts 

  • Detects aged, remarked, and malicious counterfeits 
  • Detects modified FPGA bitstreams and firmware modifications 
  • TRL 8 system; ADEC pilot tested by Air Force personnel at AFSC and Lackland AFB 
  • ADEC system to be delivered to WPAFB 

Applies to Test, Insert, and Sustain lifecycle stages 

ADEC analyzes the unintended emission spectrum from a powered DUT 

  • Emission signature and/or embedded ADEC algorithm results as input data 
  • Authenticity assessment and DUT diagnostics as output data 
  • Intermediary data of value to be stored for future or more detailed analyses 

Performance metrics: Probability of Detection (PD) and False Alarm Rate (FAR) 

Alpha test will involve operation of ADEC using TSS platform 

In an ADEC use case, a local system operator inserts a DUT for testing.  Signature data is passed through the TSS for analysis, with a result provided to the operator to inform immediate action (e.g. quarantining a counterfeit part).  Signature data and algorithm results are retained for potential additional analysis by AFRL or contractor Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). 

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